Our Ministry

God is at work in the world, doing more
than we dare to ask or imagine…

Worship with joy and reverence, so that God will be glorified, and lives and hearts will be changed to carry God’s love into the world. With an average of 350 people in attendance on a typical Sunday, each worship service at NPPC welcomes an average of 50 visitors, 6 of them for the very first time. At Easter and Christmas, those numbers more than double. Special music events are led by our talented choir and organist, handbell choir and contemporary musicians. The FirstLight service continues to attract worshipers who prefer a different musical style along with the liturgy of the “Service for the Lord’s Day.” Baptisms, weddings and memorial services mark transition points in the life of this congregation and its members, and worship continues to provide grounding and connection for New Providence members and friends.

Grow in faith as disciples of Jesus Christ, so that children, youth & adults will be transformed into his image and follow in his ways. At some time during every day and every week of the year, New Providence members will gather to grow in faith and learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Sunday mornings fi nd every meeting space in our building fi led with children, teenagers, young adults, seekers and saints seeking to learn more about the way of Jesus Christ and how that can become a part of their own lives. Opportunities include Sunday school classes, small groups, speaker series, Circles, Squares, Bible studies, Inquirers’ classes and much more. Children and youth participate in Sunday school, iGroup, Presbyterian Youth Connection, Cloud 9, P.E.A.K., iChat, S.O.F.A.S., VBS, and a whole lot of other acronyms you’ll have to ask about.

Love one another, showing compassion, offering hospitality , and welcoming all to the community of faith. The Congregational Life team helps New Providence members and friends share God’s love with one another. This ministry is carried out through men’s and women’s organizations, supper clubs, fellowship groups like Life Beginners, Taking the Love of Christ (TLC) to our homebound members, Geneva fellowships, congregational events, and providing support for grieving families in a time of loss. This team welcomes visitors and helps them to find their places in the New Providence family. All of these opportunities help us strengthen “the ties that bind” us to one another.

Through the ministry of New Providence Presbyterian Church, we seek to be faithful disciples who participate in what God is doing as we: Equip the church for the work of ministry by providing the resources and the vision to carry out our mission. The church is not a “business,” but Christian integrity calls us to operate according to sound professional principles and best practices. New Providence’s administrative ministry team streamlines the business functions of the congregation, including raising and overseeing the annual budget, maintaining our grand but aging facility, ensuring sound fiscal and employment practices, and setting policies to enhance the ministries of other teams, as well as hiring, overseeing and encouraging the professional growth of our staff .

Serve God’s world as the hands and feet of Christ, to relieve human suffering, to respond to human need, and to bring peace and justice to all people. Within and beyond the walls of our building, New Providence carries the good news of Jesus in word and in deed. ChristmasWishes makes Christmas happen for families who might otherwise go without, and a weekly Welcome Table meal provides for those who are hungry for friendship as well as those who are hungry for food. Twice a week, adults who require special care and attention are welcomed into our Bartlett Adult Day Out program, giving caregivers a much-needed break. Meanwhile, 150 backpacks were joyfully filled and provided to the Family Resource Centers in local schools. Annually, NPPC and its members contribute more than 20,000 volunteer hours to carry out all those ministries – not to mention the good work done by New Providence members in other service to this community and the world.

Looking for a Group?

There are groups at New Providence that meet for all ages and a wide variety of purposes.

Want to Use Our Facilities?

The Church exists for the glory of God and for service to humankind. As a part of our effort to reach out to our members and to the larger community in Christian love, our facilities are available to both members and non-members for worship, teaching, and witnessing to the Gospel and for activities that are in keeping with the mission of the church.

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