Returning to Worship

During Advent, we’ll be holding in-person worship in the Sanctuary for a modified Sunday morning service at 10 AM! It’s a little different in this age of COVID-19!  See below for all the details – including a link to reserve space for you or your whole family.


Online reservations are requested each week. However, please don’t think you can’t come if you don’t sign up. We’ll just need to collect contact information at the door. Please feel free to come; we’ll most likely have space for you.


If you’re not comfortable with in-person worship at this time, our 9 am online service will continue to be available on Facebook Premiere.


During Advent, worship will move into the Sanctuary.


One service will be held each Sunday at 10am beginning on November 29.


Signups will be capped at 90 people.


No childcare will be provided.


People can sign up to reserve a space for in-person worship by clicking below:

Access into the building will be through the doors to the church from along Houston Street, and Broadway.


  • You are asked to park in the upper and east parking lots (near the urgent care clinic).
  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times. If you do not bring a mask, one will be provided.
  • Ushers will confirm names and phone numbers of all persons attending for notification purposes.
  • Ushers will dispense hand sanitizer to everyone upon entry.

Seating areas will be marked off.


Those attending may sit only with people with whom they have been quarantining in their own homes.


  • Seating will begin at the front, and seats will be filled up front to back. Ushers will direct worshipers to the appropriate seats.
  • At the end of the service, the congregation will be dismissed from back to front so as to prevent passing by one another.
  • Worshipers will also be encouraged to social distance in the parking lots.

Bathrooms will be open and safely accessible if needed.


Other areas of the building will be blocked off.


There will be no congregational singing, but humming is encouraged.


Greeting or “passing the peace” will not involve any physical contact.


Worship leaders and singers will not mask while speaking or singing, but will be at least 15 feet from others.


If an individual will not comply with these restrictions, they will be asked to leave.


Please understand that our number one priority is keeping people safe. Like all things these days, this is a work in progress and may change as situations change. We are weighing heavily the guidance we are receiving from local, state, and federal health officials.


The guidelines we have spelled out are not just suggestions, they are requirements. We are very serious about making the return to worship as safe as possible for everyone. Our ability to move on to a different phase of worship is dependent upon our willingness to follow these guidelines.

Please remember that if you are not comfortable returning to worship at this time, our 9am online service will continue to be available on Facebook Live.

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